How to make a great first impression

Five steps to launching your new brand 

You’ve been working on your new brand identity investing both time and money in getting it just right. Now you’re ready to introduce your new brand to the world. 

Here are a few tips I recommend to my clients when launching their new brand. 

1. Set a launch day

You want the launch to run smoothly with maximum reach. Make sure you choose a date that doesn’t fall on the weekend or holiday. If you already have a website or social media accounts look at your visitor statistics and determine when they are busiest. 

2. Record analytics

If you are rebranding or creating a new brand within an existing business it’s a good idea to measure your launch performance by documenting website, social media and email metrics such as website page views or visitors per day, the number of followers on each social media platform and email subscribers.

3. Create a timeline

List all the places your new brand will appear, website, social media, email, Google business listing, stationery, signage and apparel. Create a timeline setting out when each item or account is going to be created or updated. Have your brand files ready in advance so that the rollout runs smoothly. Roll out your brand over 1–2 weeks, aiming to post on social media every day.

4. Create launch messaging and graphics

Create some buzz and build excitement about your new brand. The overall messaging should be consistent across all mediums, use wording that is enticing like ‘get a sneak peek’ or ‘be the first to see…’. Design graphics that inform your audience who you are and what you do, maybe introduce staff and list your core products or services. If you have a new website use a coming soon page to preview your brand, on social media post a launch countdown or a sneak peek of your new brand. Email existing clients so they are aware a change is coming.

5. Launch your brand

You’re all ready, it’s time to show the world your new brand. After you successful launch, remember to measure your launch performance by recording your analytics again. I would recommend recording your analytics 30 days after launch and comparing them to your pre-launch analytics.

If you need help branding your business or new product, have a look at my brand packages and other graphic design services or get in touch and book a discovery call.