Launching your new brand

You’ve been working on your new brand identity investing both time and money in getting it just right. Now you’re ready to introduce your new...

Branding colours

Colour plays an important role in your brand identity. Colour is used to evoke an emotion or response, which helps to tell your ...

Font love volume 2

I was browsing through Pinterest looking for inspiration for a new project and came across this lovely font duo, Hello Paris script, and serif font.

Branded email signature

Many of my clients ask how to create a branded email signature. It's really quite easy. My advice is to keep it simple. Some email clients have limited...

Free Meal Planner

I was planning a trip to the supermarket and decided to plan my meals for the week so I only needed to make one trip. I thought that others ...

Working from home guide

Working from home can be challenging and rewarding. I have been working from home for the last few years and love it, but it's not for everyone.

Font love volume 1

I love fonts! Choosing a font for a new brand or print project is my favourite part of the project. I think good font choices make or break a design ...