Working from home survival guide

Working from home can be challenging and rewarding. I have been working from home for the last few years and love it, but it’s not for everyone. Throw in a pandemic, closed schools, and no social events. People are bound to be overwhelmed.

Here are my tips on how to work from home happily and productively.

Step 1. Get up and get dressed – no PJs at work

Get up, take a shower, comb your hair and put on some clothes, casual clothes are fine. This tells your brain that it’s not the weekend or you’re not sick. I put shoes on instead of slippers to help me keep a sense of work versus relaxation.

Step 2. Plan your day

Create a routine that works for you, nothing too rigid.

Once my kids have left for school, I make a coffee and check my emails and reply to clients as necessary. I check my to-do list (I love making lists) and prioritise tasks, it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I tick tasks off the list. Next, I address any urgent jobs or jobs that take less than fifteen minutes.

I take my dog for a walk (so she doesn’t bother me all morning), this gives me time to clear my head and think about the day’s tasks.

I aim to work between 9 am and 2 pm each day with a lunch break around 12 pm. I like to get up and stretch my legs at least every hour to fill up my drink bottle or check on the dog. Once or twice a week I have meetings with clients, which I try to schedule in the morning after school drop off.

Step 3. Dedicated workspace

You may not have a home office but it’s a good idea to have a dedicated workspace, this separates your work from the rest of the house and keeps you from overworking. If you have a room where you can close the door this will stop distractions. Having a good ergonomic chair is a good investment and making sure your workspace has plenty of natural light to stop you getting eyestrain and drowsiness.