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Font love volume 2

I was browsing through Pinterest looking for inspiration for a new project and came across this lovely font duo, Hello Paris script, and serif font. Perfect for an elegant vintage logo design and ideal for wedding invitations. Included in the set are seven different fonts with lots of beautiful ligatures and alternates. I’m yet to […]

How to create a branded email signature

Many of my clients ask how to create a branded email signature. It’s really quite easy. My advice is to keep it simple. Some email clients have limited options for HTML and CSS styling. I recommend using one or two fonts, with a font size between 9-11pt. Keep in mind that many people view emails […]

Free Meal Planner

I was planning a trip to the supermarket and decided to plan my meals for the week so I only needed to make one trip. I thought that others may find this useful. Just download and print. Let me know if there are any other planner templates that might help you out. Download meal planner […]

Working from home – survival guide

Working from home can be challenging and rewarding. I have been working from home for the last few years and love it, but it’s not for everyone. Throw in a pandemic, closed schools, and no social events. People are bound to be overwhelmed. Here are my tips on how to work from home happily and […]

Font love volume 1

I love fonts! Choosing a font for a new brand or print project is my favourite part of the project. I think good font choices make or break a design. I like all styles of fonts, finding the right style font for the job can be tricky. You need to determine whether you require a […]

Little Gem Design website redesign

Website update For the past couple of months, I have been working on refreshing my existing website, to showcase more of my work and provide more information about the services I provide. I wanted it to be simple, uncluttered and professional. The website is mobile-friendly, and I have updated the portfolio with some of my […]